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American Hops - Digital version

American Hops - Digital version

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Introducing "American Hops," a digital anthology featuring some of the best comic book creators in the industry. With a page count of 107 pages, this anthology is filled with action-packed stories and stunning artwork that will leave readers wanting more.

One of the standout stories in "American Hops" is "Triple Crown," written by Dan Sacharow from Mythoverse fame. This gripping tale follows a young jockey as she tries to win the biggest race of her career, but must overcome personal and external obstacles to achieve his dreams. The artwork for "Triple Crown" is done by the talented Derian Devilla, whose illustrations bring the story to life in vivid detail.

Also featured in "American Hops" are three other incredible stories. "Sailor Ragowski", and "Legend of Rinkle" is a thrilling fantasy tale about a young hero who must save his kingdom from a powerful sorcerer. Finally, "RAGE Astral Grim Swords". two mercenaries are tasked with slaying the Lich Lord that has somehow dominated their kingdom.

These stories are all written and drawn by talented creators, including Daquan Jenkins and Luigi Teruel. Each story in "American Hops" is unique, yet they all share a common thread of high-stakes action and compelling characters.

In conclusion, "American Hops" is a must-read for comic book fans who are looking for thrilling stories and stunning artwork. With a page count of 107 pages and featuring the standout story "Triple Crown" by Dan Sacharow and Derian Devilla, this anthology is sure to be a hit with readers of all ages.


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